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Permian Basin Powder River Basin DJ Basin Michigan Basin Fort Worth Basin South Texas South Louisiana

Permian Basin

Current Investments

  • DGP Energy
  • Throne Delaware Resources
  • Pecos River Exploration
  • 1920 Energy

Powder River Basin

Current Investments

  • Navigation Powder River
  • Pine Haven Resources
  • Century Oil and Gas
  • Cassidy American Resources

DJ Basin

Current Investments

  • Longs Peak Resources
  • North Peak Oil & Gas
  • North Silo Resources
  • Roaring Fork Midstream

Michigan Basin

Current Investments

  • White Mountain Exploration

Fort Worth Basin

Current Investments

  • Brazos River Exploration

South Texas

Current Investments

  • Rocky Creek Resources
  • Grey Wolf Oil & Gas
  • Diversified Minerals Company
  • JSTX Holdings

South Louisiana

Current Investments

  • State Line Exploration